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Stakeshare is the pioneering platform transforming how innovative companies, accelerators and startups reward their teams and collaborators. Move beyond the traditional equity model with flexible, transparent, and immediate incentives that motivate and retain top talents.

Step 1.
Setup your team

Easily configure your reward system with our user-friendly interface. Tailor achievements and corresponding rewards to align with your company values and goals.

Step 2.
Save your config

Save your “stakeshare” table and configuration rules. Automatically or manually award tokens for achievements, instantly recognizing your team’s efforts.

Step 3.
Build the business

Build your business and use our analytics tools to assess the impact of your rewards program and make data-driven adjustments.

Step 4.
Trade benefits

The benefits you receive as proof of your contributions, such as discounts, reservations, collectibles, and unique items, are tradeable and exchangeable by design.

What is a stakeshare?

A stakeshare is a proof of a work, a tangible token that you achieve something meaningful for a New-Co or a Corporate.

Stakeshare offers a unique alternative to work-for-equity by leveraging blockchain technology for a transparent, verifiable, and efficient reward system. Our platform enables companies to instantly recognize and reward achievements with customizable incentives.

Eu Regulations on stake, blockchain and benefits are now a reality, and we believe our Work-for-Benefit will become the only viable alternative to the Work-for-Equity model.

Shares are for founders, Stakeshares are for everyone else.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

Stakeshare offers an innovative platform designed to revolutionize how companies manage incentives and rewards, providing a robust alternative to traditional work-for-equity models.

It caters specifically to the needs of organizations, venture studios, and early-stage startups by leveraging blockchain technology.

Here are the key offerings of Stakeshare:

Reduce costs and complexity

Simplify the management of incentives without the legal and financial overheads of equity-based rewards.

Transparent Tracking

Utilize blockchain for a secure, transparent record of all rewards and achievements.

For Innovative Companies

Enhance motivation, reduce turnover, and attract top talent with a modern, flexible rewards system.

For Employees and Collaborators

Gain immediate, meaningful recognition for your contributions, with transparent and fair benefits. Have verifiable proof of your track records.

Amazing Value for

Corporate and Organizations

In larger organizations, maintaining high levels of employee engagement and retention can be challenging. Stakeshare introduces a more dynamic and personalized way of recognizing employee contributions, moving beyond traditional compensation packages.

Venture Studios and Inno Teams

Given the diverse and dynamic nature of venture studios and innovation teams, managing equity and rewards across different startups can become a logistical nightmare. Usually, equities are for founders only. Stakeshare simplifies this complexity, offering a scalable solution that can grow with the studio, rewarding all working personnel and its associated startups, reducing legal and administrative burdens.

New-Co and Early Stage Startups

For early-stage startups, where resources are often limited, Stakeshare offers a cost-effective solution to reward collaborators and contributors even in New-Co yet to be incorporated. By providing equity-like incentives without the complexities of actual equity distribution, startups can maintain a lean operational model while ensuring team members feel valued and motivated.

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We are building Stakeshare with love because we need it. It is something we deem necessary.

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It’s a smart bet on how the future of work should be for employees and all professionals in the innovation industry


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